UberStrike: A Free FPS Game Built on the Unity Engine

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UberStrike: A Free FPS Game Built on the Unity Engine

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UberStrike is an online first person shooter where players wage war against each other in challenging environments. Somewhat similar to popular FPS games like Quake Live or Genesis AD users test their skills in a fast paced shoot out. Explore various maps from Monkey Island to the dangerous Temple of the Raven. Choose from a wide variety of weaponry. Use everything from machine guns to grenade launchers to kill or splat opponents. Equip your character with armor and protective gear. Form clans with friends. Chat. Compete in fierce tournaments. Try to stay alive while splatting the competition. The game modes in UberStrike include:

Death Match – In this shoot out free-for-all players operate solo. The user with the most splats wins.

Team Death Match – Players are divided into two opposing teams. The team that earns the most kills is crowned victorious.


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